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Project Description


„Color in certain places has the great value of making the outlines and structural planes seem more energetic.“ (Antoni Gaudi)

On this planet, people mostly communicate with words, but I converse through the colors of my artwork. The most beautiful thing is to leave inspiration or a message for the observer of my paintings.

My work tends to focus on people in action. Life is action and without action life does not take place. That’s why I describe movements of body and soul by using intense colors. The activities I am searching for I often find in faces. Faces are for me like a TV-screen – colorful, exiting, full of stories and action.

Every time I start my work, I create a relationship between colors, the chosen passion as well as the subject.
Most paintings are made on canvas with acrylic colors, applied in different ways to produce a transparent or opaque effect. The variety of opaque and transparent colors is essential to describe movements in my pictures. Depending on the purpose, the painting was carried out using brushes of varying thicknesses – broader brushes for background and clothing, finer ones for delicate detailing. If it is necessary to point something out mixed media (spray, crayon, pigments and others) are used. The dimensions of artwork are mostly bigger than 100 x 100 cm.

Each painting is unique just as the impression of each viewer is unique.